Plinko Burger

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Plinko Burger is a virtual fast food plinko based restaurant that needs your help to make and serve up some burgers to its dedicated patrons.

Game Details:

Using a drive thru headset and a pair of condiment squeezy bottles, players will call out (with their literal voice) the ingredients that they need to the plinko machine.

The machine will drop those ingredients through the plinko area while the player attempts to push the correct ingredients into the order bin.

When the order is ready, just call "Order up!" to send it off.


Plinko Burger Start Scene
Plinko Burger Game Scene
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A multiplayer couch co-op game focused on teamwork and emergent player experiences where you and your team of amateur ghost hunters travel to a haunted island to catch some pesky ghosts.

Game Details:

Inspired by the spooks and goofs of Luigi's Mansion and the chaotic multiplayer cooperation of Overcooked, players will be delighted to chase and be chased by the ghosts in Spooked! So, how do you catch a ghost?

Step 1: Summon that spirit!

  • Ghosts haunting an area will first appear only partially, poking their heads up from under the ground
  • Scare one and it will pop into the physical realm but be quick, those little guys will run away if you're too slow

Step 2: Work Together!

  • Once a ghost is in the physical realm, it is too powerful to catch initially
  • Work together to startle the ghost into smaller pieces
  • Watch out, they'll go down with a fight and aren't scared easily

Step 3: Catch those ghosts!

  • Now that the ghost is in bite sized pieces, you can scoop those little guys up and drop them off in your trusty ghost hunting van!

Catching ghosts isn't for the fainthearted, but we hope you will join us in the goofs that are sure to ensue. You never know what you might encounter chasing ghosts!


Tutorial Level Image
Park Level Image
Enchanted Forest Image
River Level Image
DinerLevel Image
Cave Level Image
Grocery Level Image
Town Level Image


Character Group Photo
Spooked Intro Scene

The Interdimensional Bar Fight!

Game Box Art


Be the last one standing in this fast-paced chaotic bar fight card game and you might just win, The Interdimensional Bar Fight!

Game Outline:

Spaceteam meets Munchkin in this year’s wackiest tabletop card game, The Interdimensional Bar Fight! Patrons of Wazoo, the best bar this side of the Milky Way, had a little too much to drink and you got caught in the middle of the fight! Play as the universe’s craziest heroes, brawl against your friends, and survive to become the last one standing. Befriend the bar’s patrons and use anything from peanuts to plasma cannons to outwit and takedown the other players. You never know what will happen next in The Interdimensional Bar Fight!

Game Summary:

Throwdown miscellaneous weapons or a well placed right hook during the Brawl phase and counter with tricks cards up your sleeve to survive. Turn based events provide fun opportunities for players to deal extra damage or heal more health. The Interdimensional Bar Fight is meant to be a quick, competitive and chaotic card game that anyone can carry with them and play within the span of a half hour. Social interactions are a huge part of the game, from outwitting other players to throwing down the best rhymes, anything is possible.


Event Card
Item Card
Patron Card
Player Card
Punch Card
Reference 1 Card
Reference 2 Card


Group Photo
Item Card
Patron Card
Patron Card

A Space Bear Adventure!

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Combine teamwork and cuteness to make your way through the remains of your broken space ship in A Space Bear Adventure!

Game Outline:

With the help of some friends, your fellow animal astronauts, and your trusty physics-altering musical instruments you must find your way through each room of your crashed spaceship to assess the damage. Will it be the Time-Halting-Trumpet that frees you from the room or the Sizing-Sazophone that saves the day? Players will need to combine both their wits and some sick beats to get out of this one.

Game Summary:

A three bears on their way to Moonchella run into some trouble when a stray meteor tears through their ship! Beethoven, Cherry and Doug Norton are stuck in space with a broken ship and only their physics-altering musical instruments to save them. Travel through each room of the ship to assess the damage and get to the engine room so the bears can make to their performance in time! Some wacky things are happening to the ship so watch out for portals, lasers and more in A Space Bear Adventure!


Group Photo
Bear Animations
Level 1
Level 5
Spaceship tilemapping

Taco Battle!

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Snag the correct ingredients before your taco foe to become the taco master!

Game Outline:

It's raining taco ingredients! Become the sharpest taco builder on the web by racing to fufil your taco order fastest. Play as bowls, catching falling food and returning it to your side. You can only catch one ingredient at a time and the first ingredient to hit your bowl will be collected, so dodging the food you don’t want is also key.

Game Summary:

A 2 player web browser game using the W A S D and Arrow keys. Navigate the stream of ingredients to correctly build your taco before the other player. Grab an ingredient in your bowl and deliver it to your tortilla, be careful to collect the correct ingredients or you may waste time clearing your bowl at your station. Complete your recipe first to win the round!


Game Play
Game Play
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